• International Police Commission
    UN Department of Economic
    and Social Council

    Lt. General Dr Buck Rogers IPC

    Commanding General

    International Police Commission- European Command Headquarters


    Maj General Paul Nolan IPC

    Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff

    International Police Commission- European Command Headquarters

    Brig General Juan Barranco IPC

    Assistant Deputy Commander

    International Police Commission- European Command Headquarters





    My name is Lt. General Dr Buck Rogers and I am the Commanding General and Commander-in-Chief of the European Headquarters of International Police Commission which is registered as an organisation by the US Secretary of State in California and a member of the United Nations (Economic and Social Council-UN- ECOSOC ).

    The International Police Commission is currently spearhead by its Global Commander, General Robert S. Biazon, IPC and consists of a force of 75,000 strong men and woman worldwide, consisting of various professionals such as active peace officers of the law, and soldiers whom make up the International Police Commission and who stand for peace, justice, liberty and democracy.

    Their mandate is ensuring peace and order worldwide and to assist all law enforcement agencies and governments against criminal syndicates and terrorist organisations, shares intelligence, and effect arrest and resolving crimes against worldwide humanity. Also to assist the governments of the member nations through the U.N. in humanitarian, socio-civic, and peace keeping operations when asked, while being a catalyst for social development through economic programs and to help in humanitarian projects in UN countries worldwide.

    A certified member of the International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals (http://www.iicfip.org/) covering Criminology & Psychology, Computer and digital Forensics, Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting,Criminal Investigations, Fraud and Corruption, Investigation Law, and Investigative Accounting.




  • About International Police Commission

    International Police Commission

    Lt. General and Commander in Chief of European Command Headquarters
    The International Police Commission, a member of the United Nations – Economic and Social Council (UN - ECOSOC), is duly registered by the US secretary of state as an organization based in the State of California, United States of America with extension commands in member nations of the U.N
    It is committed to carrying-out our general mandate and objective of ensuring peace and order worldwide and is ever ready within our capacity to assist all law enforcement agencies of member nations of the United Nations in the campaign against criminal elements especially international criminal syndicates and terrorist organizations, under the Constitution of all nations to ensure equality of justice., freedom and democracy and to assist the governments of the member nations of the U.N. More so, the Commission compliments alerts statues in surveillance and apprehension of persons in the most wanted list sought by police forces worldwide, track such persons, shares intelligence report to government and non-government law enforcement agencies and effects arrest upon compliance of vested power of arrest.
  • International Police Commission


    An organization committed to support the global law enforcement community on its efforts to prevent and resolve crime against humanity, to promote global peace, to foster humanitarian cooperation and to establish security within our area of responsibility.


    Provision of specialized services for global destinations, sharing of valuable data or information, fostering international cooperation for Joint intelligence operations, monitoring international developments affecting the socio-economic stability of nations.

    When called upon, IPC will deploy personnel to assist the government of any nation in its campaign against all criminal elements, more particularly drug abuse and control, domestic and international terrorism, and organized crimes.


    To complement, on an alert status, in the surveillance and apprehension of person/s in the most wanted list sought by police forces worldwide, track them, share intelligence reports to other intelligence agencies, and to effect arrest upon compliance on vested powers of arrest.

    Priority Activities:

    • To augment international law enforcement agencies in its campaign against terrorism, drug trafficking, smuggling, money laundering and other organized crimes.
    • To assist governments in humanitarian and peacekeeping efforts.


    General Activities:

    • To document and report problems affecting human rights within our jurisdiction.
    • Ensure that respect for the dignity of man in all areas of operation is properly observed.




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    Criminal Profiling 

    Humanitarian Projects

    Peace Keeping Missions

  • Certified member of the International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals covering Criminology & Psychology, Computer and digital Forensics, Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting, Criminal Investigations, Fraud and Corruption, Investigation Law, and Investigative Accounting.

    Certified member of the International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals

    Karl Auerbach

    Assistant Chief of Police at Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community

    Maj General Dr Buck Rogers is a committed and courageous leader who has used his law enforcement and legal skills to serve and protect Communities as well as internationally (serving as an appointed Ambassador and Commander in Chief of UN International Police Commission UK and European Headquarters). His law enforcement duties and humanitarian actions have assisted, protected and served many persons in countries worldwide and have made a difference, this is especially demonstrated through his service as chairman of the board (Action Against Child Cruelty in Orphanages Worldwide Charity) and today he shares his experience, knowledge and skills to encourage the next generation of leaders. I endorse Maj General Dr Buck Rogers and his dedication to duty, selfless service and his professional work and it is my honor to consider him as a friend, leader and law enforcement professional.


    Chief Karl Auerbach, Assistant Chief of Police, Salt River Police Department (Proudly Serving since 1980).

    Jade Hancock

    Special Agent, Homeland Security

    The International Police Commission is a collosal international force and due to their involvement in fighting drug trafficking, Terrorism, counterfeiting, smuggling, Organized Crime, etc., and their ability to perform humanitarian services such as locating missing persons, providing notification of serious illness or death, coordinating International Law enforcement in 125 countries, this organization is unsurpassed. I recommend this organization and its services.

    Donald Underwood

    Retired CID Police officer at Bedfordshire

    Police- United Kingdom

    I have known Maj General Dr Buck Rogers, he is one of a kind with his great personality and nothing is to much trouble for him to help less fortunate people around the world and also in his role to assist law enforcement agencies to keep peace and order .
    This is a huge role which Dr.Buck Rogers gives it 100% commitment .
    I am a retired Law enforcement officer of 30 years experience and feel proud to have a good friend in Dr.Buck Rogers and i am so pleased in his recent elevation in rank to Commander in Chief of Europe, this shows others recognise the qualities Dr.Buck Rogers possess.
    He is a true proffessional and uses his wide experience in this role.
    I honour him for what he does in his role.

    Det.Constable Donald Underwood Bedfordshire Police United Kingdom (Rtd)

    Guglielmo Rinaldini

    International Strategic Intelligence Division of Law Enforcement

    I have worked in Law Enforcement with the Italian Police, Interpol, FBI and the international Strategic Intelligence Division of Law Enforcement through the UN countries. It is my great pleasure to know Maj General Dr Buck Rogers. He is a leading light in International Law Enforcement and crimes against humanity. His vast experience serving as an officer, has earned him the respect of fellow colleagues alike. To all who know him and have served under him he has set an example for others to follow. Deep understanding of criminology of the nature, extent, management, causes, control, consequences, and prevention of criminal behaviour, both on the individual and social levels. Criminology is an interdisciplinary field in which Dr Rogers understands the behavioural sciences, drawing especially upon his research as well as those of sociologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social anthropologists, as well as scholars of law.
    Dr Rogers is also the Crimes Against Humanity / Law Enforcement Minister in the International Parliament. The International Parliament is a branch of the International intergovernmental organization tasked with legislative powers. It supervises the activities of law enforcement in international countries under International law.

    Academically he stands out with a doctorate degree in Law and Criminology and also a PhD doctorate degree in Law, Economics, Finance and Accounting.
    It is indeed my pleasure to have known and worked with Dr Rogers, at International Police a shinning light and beacon in the world of darkness

    Kurt Scherrer

    Board Member IACSP RIAC SECMED SWCLF ICL ECIPS independent adviser UN, Global Ambassador Collective Changes

    Doctor Rogers is a professional leading capacity in law enforcement in his charity work and his corporate life: Honoured by peers alike from all walks of life, acclaimed by academics.
    Through his law enforcement work, he has striven to make people’s lives better and give 100% in all he does for humanity.
    His corporate experience in financial services and banking has also won him praise from directors, lawyers and CEOs from around the world with his knowledge and expertise.
    Lastly he is a great humanitarian with his worldwide charity in over 30 countries.
    I humbly know Doctor Rogers as person of honour, trustworthy and a caring individual who’s legacy will last for many generations long after he has gone: what he has started others will surely follow and pick up the mantle.

    Géry Maes van de Vorst PhD

    CEO Founder of BLAROM Holding Ltd / Dr of Health Science & Therapy / Founder of Anti Sugar Association

    My name is Dr Gery Maes - van de Vorst and as Dr Buck Rogers’s friend for the past 10 years, I believe that I can effectively vouch for his dedication, hard work and integrity. I believe that with his combined physical and mental capabilities that he has been excellent in research into crimes, in the duty as member of the International Police Commission

    Dr Buck Rogers is of superb moral character. He has always made it a point of pride to follow the directives of law and to encourage the same behavior to others. He is always up-to-date with training and consequently thinking management in research and actions towards decrease of crime is one of the multiple strong assets he continuously exerts with passion.

    Dr Buck Rogers is also very community-minded with that strong sense of civic duty, and never give-up attitude the IPC command is certainly a better place for many years.

    Most respectfully,

    Gery Maes - van de Vorst PhD

    Jace Kane

    Business Development Manager at Networkers International PLC

    It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Dr Buck Rogers, Buck is a well-connected professional that’s always takes the time to support anyone in his network, and he has a very impressive background.
    I've had the privilege of being a friend of Dr Bucks for the last 7 years now and am very lucky to have met such an inspirational mentor.
    Buck is passionate, dedicated, ambitious, results driven leader and thoughtful individual with a unique capacity for empathy. He has great visions for his work and is a valuable contributor to many law enforcement teams.

    Dr. Mira Föhring El-Ashri

    UN Govt Adviser Middle East 

    I have know Dr. Rogers through his police work and also his humanitarian work.
    Known for saving many peoples lives,claimed by academics as one in a generation.he continues to touch peoples lives through his work in Law Enforcement and his charity work. I recommend this individual as someone special.
    Now and then someone comes along that has a big impact in the world and makes a difference, and this is that person.
    Respected by peers and colleagues.. I do recommended him as trustworthy and professional a man of vision who does make a difference in communities in this world